What is slang for looking good? (2024)

What is a slang word for looking good?

Snatched - Looks good, perfect, or fashionable; the new "on fleek"

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What to say instead of you are looking good?

40 Ways to Say You Are Beautiful in Speaking Phrases You are so adorable. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you You make my heart melt Your beauty is incomparable Your smile melts my heart Lovely Dazzling Wow, You are gorgeous.

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How do you compliment slang?

  1. praise.
  2. brown-nose (taboo, slang)
  3. commend.
  4. congratulate.
  5. extol.
  6. flatter.
  7. pay tribute to.
  8. salute.

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How do you say good in slang?

"Gucci" in slang means good, fine, or okay. "I'm coming over at 10 and we're going to eat pigs in blankets before going out."

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What is look in slang?

As a noun it refers to appearance. In slang it can mean 'information'. ex Thanks for look. Gabor. English Tutor.

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What are you looking at slang?

An aggressive and threatening rhetorical question used when one feels that another person has been staring in an inappropriate way. A: "What are you looking at, pinhead?" B: "Sir, you've got sauce spilled down your shirt." Hey, what are you looking at?

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What can I say instead of looking?

  • glance.
  • peek.
  • glimpse.
  • stare.
  • view.
  • gaze.
  • peep.
  • gander.

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How do you tell someone they look good?

Just say, "You're beautiful." You don't need anything more complicated. Look directly into the person's eyes, and earnestly tell them what you think. Say it with a smile. Try qualifying your words with a superlative.

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How do you say gorgeous in slang?

She has exquisite manners.
  1. drop-dead (slang)
  2. hot (informal)
  3. fit (British, informal)
  4. lush (slang)

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How do you say you're pretty in slang?

You look drop dead gorgeous. I think you're the most beautiful in the world. Cute.
40 Ways to Say You Are Beautiful in Speaking Phrases
  1. You are so adorable.
  2. I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you.
  3. You make my heart melt.
  4. Your beauty is incomparable.
  5. Your smile melts my heart.
  6. Lovely.
  7. Dazzling.
  8. Wow, You are gorgeous.

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What are the top 10 slang words 2022?

10 English slang terms you need to know in 2022
  1. Cheugy. This word (pronounced choo-gee) has swooped in to replace old fan-favorite “basic”. ...
  2. Rent free. Can't stop thinking about someone? ...
  3. Vibe check. Is someone acting shady or negative? ...
  4. Main character. ...
  5. Caught in 4k. ...
  6. Understood the assignment. ...
  7. Bussin' ...
  8. The blueprint.
5 Jan 2022

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What does YEET mean?

Yeet is a slang word that functions broadly with the meaning “to throw,” but is especially used to emphasize forcefulness and a lack of concern for the thing being thrown. (You don't yeet something if you're worried that it might break.)

What is slang for looking good? (2024)
What are 5 examples of slang?

Here are some of the most common slang words used in the English language today:
  • Lit. When something is very good, enjoyable, or exciting, you can say it's “l*t”. ...
  • Extra. ...
  • Salty. ...
  • To ghost someone. ...
  • To flex. ...
  • Lowkey & highkey. ...
  • Shook. ...
  • Tea.
26 Nov 2019

What are some slang phrases?

Overview of the Top 20 American Slang Expressions
  • to pig out. to eat a lot of food in a messy way.
  • to screw up something. to mess things up.
  • to take a raincheck. can't do something right now, but want to do it later.
  • to jack up the prices. ...
  • to drive someone up the wall. ...
  • to ride shotgun. ...
  • a couch potato. ...
  • a party animal.
27 Feb 2017

What does LEWK mean in slang?

Lewk: "Lewk" is a variation of "look," a signature physical trait, or a specially and carefully constructed outfit or appearance. "Their dress at prom was a lewk."

Is look alive slang?

Look alive is a phrase that means to hurry up or to get moving. It is nearly always used as a command. Look alive is often used as encouragement or as a demand for someone to go faster or work harder as in Look alive, team!

Is that right slang?

A phrase used to confirm that something is correct. The total I got is $80.42. Is that right?

How do you say Girl in slang?

  1. babe.
  2. bimbo.
  3. chick.
  4. dame.
  5. dish.
  6. doll.
  7. female.
  8. floozy.

What compliments do guys like?

Compliments that show that you respect him

You're a good man. – I'm proud of you. – I have so much respect for you. – You become a better version of yourself every time I see you.

How do you tell a guy he looks good?

How to Compliment a Guy's Appearance
  1. 1 “You're really cute!”
  2. 2 “You're super striking.”
  3. 3 “I love your smile.”
  4. 4 “Have you been working out? You look good.”
  5. 5 “You have beautiful hair.”
  6. 6 “You've got such cute ears!”
  7. 7 “I love watching you walk.”
  8. 8 “You have great style!”

How do you say someone is attractive?

synonyms for attractive
  1. alluring.
  2. beautiful.
  3. charming.
  4. engaging.
  5. enticing.
  6. fair.
  7. glamorous.
  8. good-looking.

What is a pretty slang?

Pretty in general means good looking. But if one refers to a young male (pretty boy) it might mean that he is not very manly but he cares about his appearance too much or it might also mean a gay boy.

How do you say stylish in slang?

  1. smart.
  2. chic.
  3. cool (informal)
  4. dressy (informal)
  5. fashionable.
  6. modish.
  7. phat (slang)
  8. trendy (informal)

What is slang for a pretty girl?

babe. beauty [⇒ thesaurus] belle. betty. bit of crumpet.

How are you so beautiful reply?

5. Thanks a lot, [name]. Another complimentary message we can say in response to “You are beautiful” is “Thanks a lot” followed, again, by the person's name. “Thanks a lot” is simply a more casual version of “Thank you,” which works really well when we are in informal social events.

What does B mean in texting to a girl?

B is an affectionate term for a loved one. It is often times used to address a homie, ya girl, or ya moms.

What does F mean in texting?

On the internet, “F” is a slang term used to “pay respects” or commiserate in a tragic incident. Unlike other words we've covered, “F” isn't short for anything. It's almost entirely unrelated to the letter grade “F,” which means failure.

What does OOOF mean?

used to express discomfort, surprise, or dismay. I once watched a highlight reel of Tyson knockouts with a roomful of intoxicated medical students who punctuated every blow with phrases like "Oof!

What does no cap mean?

No cap means no lie or truth. No cap is an internet slang expression used to emphasize that the speaker is telling the truth.

Why is 1337 a special number?

1337 itself comes from the word elite. Users with elite status on BBSs had the widest access to the system and usually had to be the best hackers in order to achieve that level of access—hence 1337 as slang for “skilled,” in contrast to n00b, or newbie.

What are the most used slangs?

The most common slang was “woke” among boomers, “ghosted” for Gen X, “salty” among millennials, and “low-key” for Gen Z. The most annoying phrase for boomers was “mansplain,” but Gen X found “bae” the most obnoxious, while millennials and Gen Z were in agreement: Both were most bothered by “Bye, Felicia.”

Is awesome a slang word?

The oldest meaning of awesome is of “something which inspires awe”, but the word is now also a common slang expression. It was originally so used in the United States, where it had featured strikingly in the 1970 film Tora!

What does 3 in texting mean?

What does <3. mean? <3 is a typographical representation of a heart, used to convey love and similar warm feelings online and often evoking early internet culture.

What do Gen Z say instead of cool?

In Gen Z slang term, “fire” means something is really amazing or cool. They also use it to express excitement or point out a new trend within their culture.

What are slang words easy?

Slang refers to a type of language that's too informal to use in certain situations. You can tell a word or phrase is slang when it becomes uncool to use it after a while — like "groovy" or "far out." Often, slang terms are considered vulgar or offensive to use in polite conversation.

Whats another word for looks nice?

What is another word for nice-looking?
228 more rows

What is another way to say perfect?

synonyms for perfect
  1. excellent.
  2. foolproof.
  3. ideal.
  4. impeccable.
  5. pure.
  6. splendid.
  7. superb.
  8. absolute.

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