What is the minimum top-up for Metro card? (2024)

What is the minimum top-up for Metro card?

You can also tap your card on the automatic gates at any metro station to know the balance. Can I recharge my card multiple times before swiping on the terminal gates/AVM? Yes, but the maximum value that will be maintained in your card is Rs. 3000 or as per DMRC Business rule.

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What is the maximum top up for Metro card?

You can also tap your card on the automatic gates at any metro station to know the balance. Can I recharge my card multiple times before swiping on the terminal gates/AVM? Yes, but the maximum value that will be maintained in your card is Rs. 3000 or as per DMRC Business rule.

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What is the minimum balance in Metro card for entry in Delhi Metro?

A minimum balance equivalent to minimum fare of system (presently Rs.10/-) is required to enter in station. 30. What is the minimum/maximum amount which I can recharge on my Delhi Metro Smart card? From Customer Care Centre: Minimum of Rs.200/- and thereupon in multiples of Rs.100/- i.e.

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What is the minimum balance in Metro card in Bangalore?

Namma Metro operator Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) has hiked the minimum balance required for smart cards to enter a station from ₹8.50 to ₹50. "People were misusing the minimum balance," said BMRCL spokesperson.

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What is the minimum balance in Metro card Kolkata?

A passenger must have a minimum balance of Rs. 25 to enter through a gate. The smart card is locked if a passenger fails to tap it at the exit gate or makes a wrong exit. The booking counter at the Kolkata Metro station then deducts a maximum fee of Rs 25 from the card when it is presented on the next visit.

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What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my account metro?

Cash Account (16+)

Metro Bank store cash withdrawal Up to £300 per day Unlimited (withdrawals over £1000 require one banking days' notice) • You will not be charged for cash withdrawals (in Pounds Sterling) or balance enquiries at any Metro Bank ATM.

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What is the price of Metro card in Delhi 2023?


The one-day validity Tourist Smart Card will be available for ₹200, whereas, the three-day validity card will be available for ₹500. This amount also includes a refundable security deposit of ₹50, the DMRC said.

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What is the maximum fare of Delhi Metro?

The fare for traveling on the Delhi Metro varies depending on the distance traveled and the type of ticket or smart card used. The fare structure is divided into six fare slabs, and the maximum fare is capped at Rs 60. The fare structure is based on the distance traveled, with each slab representing a certain distance.

What is the refund amount for Delhi Metro card?

Information on Non-refundable Smart Card

Rs. 30/ will be refunded to passenger Rs. (30- Negative Electronic Value) will be refunded to passenger. Passenger will deposit his/her unreadable card at Customer Care and purchase a new smart card Rs.

What is the cost of metro 3 day pass in Bangalore?

The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL) has introduced day-long and three-day passes to use in Namma Metro trains for unlimited travel for the duration. BMRCL has priced the one-day pass at Rs 200, and three-day pass at Rs 400.

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Does Bangalore Metro card balance expire?

Use it in 7 days or lose balance. Next time you recharge the Namma Metro card, make sure that the card is used at least for one journey within seven days as the money on the card will lapse on the eighth day.

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Does Bangalore Metro card expire?

BENGALURU: BMRCL has extended to 10 years the validity period of all smart cards from the last top-up. "The validity was for one year from the date of the last top-up.

What is the minimum top-up for Metro card? (2024)
Can I add money to my SmarTrip card online?

Online: Log in to your SmarTrip® online account. Select the card to which you want to add stored value or a pass. In the right menu under Online Purchases, click the link to either Add Value or Add Pass and follow the prompts to complete your order.

How do I check my NYC MetroCard balance?

Check your balance at a Metro information counter or on the bus. If you're using your Metrocard on the bus, you can read your account balance on the farebox screen after you swipe it. Otherwise, locate a Metro information counter so a customer service agent can look up your balance.

Can I recharge Kolkata Metro card online?

In order to avail this facility, Metro smart card users will have to visit Metro Railway Kolkata website https://mtp.indianrailways.gov.in and click on the “on-line recharge” option after which a very user – friendly menu driven facility will guide the commuters to the payment option.

What is the age limit for Metro ticket in Kolkata?

children of age of 5 (five) years or above shall be. charged full fare of ticket in Metro Railway, Kolkata.

Is Metro card refundable in Kolkata?

Only Security Deposit is refunded. Proportionate balance amount is refunded along with Security Deposit. No refund. 1.7 No refund is permissible in case engraved ID on the card is NOT clearly readable.

How much cash can I withdraw from ATM Metro?

You can withdraw a maximum of £300 a day from cash machines using your cash card. You can also take money out in store – a maximum of £300 a day if you're aged between 11 and 15 and up to £1,000 if you're 16 or over. If you want to withdraw more than £1,000 you'll need to give us one weekday's notice.

How much cash can I withdraw?

Most often, ATM cash withdrawal limits range from $300 to $1,000 per day. Again, this is determined by the bank or credit union—there is no standard daily ATM withdrawal limit. Your personal bank ATM withdrawal limit also may depend on the types of accounts you have and your banking history.

What is card limit for cash withdrawal?

Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit

The maximum cash withdrawal limit is different for all banks across India. However, the maximum daily limit starts from 10,000 for some banks and goes up to 50,000 for prime customers.

What is gold metro card?

Gold Card. Can be used in all mention transportation & non transportation services. Privilege to access the Metro & Tram Gold class cabin with double the regular fare.

Can two people travel with one metro card in Delhi?

Only one person is authorised to travel on one Smart Card at a time.

What is the cost of 3 day pass in Delhi Metro?

Stations. presently available :- - One Day Card : available at a cost of Rs 150/- (Rs 100 + Rs 50 refundable security). - Three Day Card: at a cost of Rs 300/- (Rs. 250 + Rs 50 refundable security).

Can Delhi Metro card balance go negative?

The negative amount limit for a DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) metro card is usually set at around -₹35. This means that you can use the card for a few trips even if it has a negative balance, but you will need to recharge it to continue using it.

Is Delhi Metro expensive?

Synopsis. The study says that ​​commuters in Delhi spends about 14 per cent of its income on Metro rides that is lower only to 25 per cent spent by commuters in Hanoi, Vietnam. Metro ride is Delhi is second-most unaffordable in the world, according to a study.

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