What part of the US has a white Christmas? (2023)

What part of the US has a white Christmas?

Mammoth Lakes, California

Snowfall is particularly heavy from December to March, with over 45 inches falling on average in December alone.

What place always has a white Christmas?

Zermatt, Switzerland. If there's one place in the world where you're always guaranteed a white Christmas, it's in the Swiss Alps. Christmas in Zermatt is truly magical.

How much of America has a White Christmas?

A White Christmas is Hard to Find

And just 19% of households live where at least 50% of Christmases have been white. America's white Christmas belt runs from the upper Midwest across upstate New York to Maine, especially along the Great Lakes, as well as through the Rockies and other mountainous areas.

What city is most likely to have a White Christmas?

The major urban area with the best chance of enjoying a traditional Christmas landscape is Minneapolis — St Paul Minnesota, where there's a 74 percent probability of having at least one inch of snow on the ground. In fact, the city is likely to have three or more inches of snow.

Where to live in the US for a white Christmas?

The best US places to spend a white Christmas
  • Aspen, Colorado.
  • Lake Placid, New York.
  • Mammoth Lakes, California.
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Anchorage, Alaska.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
  • Lake Tahoe, California.
  • Chicago, Illinois.
Dec 3, 2018

When was the last white Christmas in the US?

The last white Christmas there was in 2013. In 2020, Minneapolis measured 8 inches of snow on the ground on Christmas morning. Des Moines, Iowa, and Omaha, Nebraska, also had a white Christmas in 2020. The highest snow depth on Christmas morning in Tahoe City, California, is 52 inches (1970).

How likely is a white Christmas?

We can accurately forecast if snow is likely on any given Christmas Day up to five days beforehand. Since 1960, around half of the years have seen at least 5% of the network record snow falling on Christmas Day. This means we can probably expect more than half of all Christmas Days to be a 'white Christmas'.

What state does Christmas best?

Interesting findings. For the second year in a row, New Hampshire ranks #1 for the most Christmas spirit. Wisconsin is the second most-spirited state this year. In 2021, it ranked #16.

What state gets the most snow?

The snowiest state of all is New Hampshire, which gets an average of 174.35 inches of snow each year. This is followed by Maine, which gets 92 inches annually and Vermont, with 80.2 inches. Alaska and Wyoming come next, with 79.6 and 77.33 inches respectively.

What state is most likely to have a white Christmas?

The state with the snowiest Christmas in the U.S. is Michigan, with a 36% chance of snowfall on December 25th. The state with the least snowy Christmas in the U.S. is Hawaii, with a 0% chance of snowfall on December 25th. Alaska has the highest median snow depth in the U.S., at 11.71 inches.

Is Christmas one of the biggest holidays in the USA?

Christmas is the favorite national holiday in the United States, placed before Thanksgiving. It is celebrated on the 25th of December, as Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Approximately 85 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas.

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