Why is it called a parking lot? (2023)

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What do Americans call a parking lot?

Don't use the word `parking' to refer to a place where cars are parked. Instead, say car park in British English and parking lot in American English.

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What do Brits call a parking lot?

Don't use the word `parking' to refer to a place where cars are parked. Instead, say car park in British English and parking lot in American English.

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What do the Europeans call parking lots?

Off-street parking: the lots are called Parkplatz, while above-ground parking is called Parkhaus. Underground garages are called Tiefgarage. Parking regulations: on one-way streets, you should park in the same direction as travel.

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Is a car park the same as a parking lot?

Car park is the British English term, the North American English term is parking lot. A muliple-storied building where cars may be parked is referred to as a multi-storey car park in British English, and a parking garage in American English.

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What do Australians call a parking lot?

Car Park

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What do British people call the driveway?

A driveway (also called drive in UK English) is a type of private road for local access to one or a small group of structures, and is owned and maintained by an individual or group.

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What do Brits call a sidewalk?

Also, a US sidewalk is a British pavement, and curb is spelled kerb (curb in UK English is a verb i.e. to “curb your enthusiasm”).

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What do Americans call pants?


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What do Americans call a kitchen sink?

Note - *if the sink is in the kitchen - it's a sink, but if it's in the bathroom it's a basin. Another huge difference that causes great confusion is writing the date.

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What do they call fries in London?

Chips (UK) / French Fries (US)

Meanwhile, Brits call fat strips of potato that are (usually) deep fried and eaten with plenty of salt and vinegar “chips”. In the US these are “French Fries”, or often just “fries”.

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What do the Brits call a windshield?

American: Windshield

The front window of the car is named the windscreen in the UK, while in the USA, they've tweaked it just slightly to read windshield. Both 'screen' and 'shield' suggest protection and so are still quite similar in their meaning, linguistically.

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What do Brits call the trunk of a car?

In British English, the boot of a car is the covered space, usually at the back, where you put things such as luggage or shopping. Is the boot open? In American English, this part of a car is called the trunk. We put our bags in the trunk.

Why is it called a parking lot? (2023)
What does parking lot mean?

Definition of parking lot

: an area used for the parking of motor vehicles.

What's another word for parking lot?

synonyms for parking lot
  • garage.
  • park.
  • car park.
  • parking garage.
  • stable.

What is parking slang for?

Parking definition

(slang) Kissing or caressing in a vehicle stopped in a secluded spot. noun.

What do Canadians call a car park?

"When you ask Canadians what they call the building where they park their cars, you get something from 'parking garage' to 'parkade'. 'Parkade' is Western Canadian, mostly, 'parking garage' is more Ontario and the East.

What do Canadians call a parking garage?

In Canada, we call a parking garage called a parkade.

What do Aussies call sidewalks?

It is called a sidewalk in American English, but can also be called a pavement (mainly British English and South African English), a footpath (Australian English, Irish English, Indian English and New Zealand English) or footway (Engineering term).

What do Brits call a freeway?


In Britain, a multi-lane controlled-access road is known as a motorway, a word that never caught on in the United States.

What do British call roundabouts?

They are officially known as "ring junctions". The first magic roundabout was constructed in 1972 in Swindon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, designed by Frank Blackmore, inventor of the mini-roundabout.

What do Brits call a backyard?

In British English, these areas would usually be described as a garden, similarly subdivided into a front garden and a back garden. The term yard is reserved for a hard surfaced area usually enclosed or at least with limited access.

What is toilet paper called in England?

Bog roll. Taken from the 16th-century Scottish/Irish word meaning 'soft and moist,' bog means restroom or lavatory. Bog roll, naturally, is an idiom for toilet paper. This will come in especially handy if you find yourself in a dire situation in the loo.

What do Brits call bandaids?

Bandaid is common in both America and Australia but in the UK, plaster is what local people will say. There are several words which are not the same in British English as they are in Australian or American English.

What do the Brits call an umbrella?

noun, plural brol·lies. British Informal. an umbrella.

What is the American word for toilet?

In America, you'll often hear the toilet referred to as the 'restroom'. This alternative word for toilet first gained popular usage in the early twentieth century.

What do Americans call a closet?

A wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture, usually in a bedroom, that has space for hanging clothes. I hung my dress up in the wardrobe. A wardrobe is sometimes built into the wall of a room, rather than being a separate piece of furniture. In American English, a built-in wardrobe is called a closet.

What do Americans call biscuits?

To most of the rest of the English-speaking world, a biscuit is what Americans would refer to as either a cookie or a cracker. Biscuits can be sweet (shortbread) or savory.

What do Americans call wipers?

tail lighttail lamp/tail light
windshield wiperswindscreen wipers
11 more rows

What do the British call a fridge?

It's called a fridge. Weirdly we British call the fridge a fridge, short for 'refrigerator', though others call it an icebox, because they are traditionalists* whereas we tend to move with the times… Specifically the 18th Century.

Why do Brits put a tub in the sink?

One commenter said they're ubiquitous in the UK where many homes have single-basin sinks, and said a separate tub makes it easy for Brits to pour cold tea down the drain without dirtying water used for soaking dishes.

What do Brits call Americans?

Yankee is sometimes abbreviated as “Yank.” People from all over the world, including Great Britain, Australia, and South America, use the term to describe Americans.

What do Americans say differently to UK?

“Both also can”
WordBritish PronunciationAmerican Pronunciation
1. Advertisementuhd-VER-tis-muhntAD-ver-ties-muhnt
2. Baldbor-ldbold
3. Cliquecleekclik
4. Eithereye-thuhee-thuhr
18 more rows
4 Aug 2014

What do Americans call mashed potato?

Mashed potato, mashed potatoes (American and Canadian English) or mashed taters, colloquially known as mash (British English), is a dish made by mashing boiled or steamed potatoes, usually with added milk, butter, salt and pepper. It is generally served as a side dish to meat or vegetables.

What do Americans call a glove box?

It is also occasionally called a jockey box, especially in the upper Rocky Mountain states in the United States, such as Idaho.

What do British call cookies?

However, a biscuit in the U.K. and a cookie in the U.S. are inherently the same thing. The big difference, at least in the U.K., is that biscuits are hard and cookies are soft and pliable. In the U.S., the meeting point between the two might be a scone, but that's a discussion for another time.

Why do British call gas petrol?

Those in Britain (and most 'Commonwealth' countries) use "petrol" as a shortened version of "Petroleum". Americans use "gas" as a shortened version of "gasoline."

What do Americans call a bumper?

British vs. American English: Transport Terminology
British English (BrE)American English (AmE)
BumperBumper, fender
CarCar, automobile
Car parkParking lot
22 more rows
3 Feb 2013

What do Brits call an SUV?

In the US, we call a sport utility vehicle an SUV, while in the UK it goes by the name 4X4 (four by four).

What do you call a parking lot with multiple floors?

Multilevel or multi-storey parking garage

Less common are parking garages that use lifts to go from level to level. Then there are also parking garages with robotic systems that move cars from one level to another.

What's a fancy word for lots?

What is another word for lots?
219 more rows

What is the fancy word for a lot?

What is another word for a lot?
an abundancea plethora
a slewa stack
a varietya wealth
229 more rows

Is parking an English word?

parking | Business English

the act of leaving a car somewhere for a period of time: Parking is forbidden in the city centre. a space or area where vehicles can be left: We offer free parking to all members.

What do you call a parking boy?

(Learn how and when to remove this template message) Valet parking is a parking service offered by some restaurants, stores, and other businesses. In contrast to "self-parking", where customers find a parking space on their own, customers' vehicles are parked for them by a person called a valet.

What is car called in slang?

Pejorative terms include beater, bucket, clunker, crate, heap, jalopy, junker, rattletrap, and wreck. (“Gas guzzler,” meanwhile, emphasizes a car's lack of fuel economy, and “land yacht” also indicates excessive size.)

What do you call the guy that parks your car?

This person is called a valet. The valet parking service is often offered at restaurants, hotels, stores and other businesses.

What is car park in American?

A parking lot (American English) or car park (British English), also known as a car lot, is a cleared area intended for parking vehicles. The term usually refers to an area dedicated only for parking, with a durable or semi-durable surface.

What is another word for parking place?

What is another word for parking space?
storagecar stall
lock-upcar port
parking lot

What do Americans call a backyard?

In American English, when a house has a sizeable space in front of the house and behind the house, we call these front yards and back yards.

What do English people call chips?

If you want a bag of what Americans call 'chips' in the UK, just ask for crisps.

What is toilet in American English?

In American English, the most common term for a private toilet is "bathroom", regardless of whether a bathtub or shower is present.

What is a large parking lot called?

A multistorey car park (British and Singapore English) or parking garage (American English), also called a multistory, parking building, parking structure, parkade (mainly Canadian), parking ramp, parking deck or indoor parking, is a building designed for car, motorcycle & bicycle parking and where there are a number ...

Whats a parking lot in a building called?

What is another word for parking lot?
stablecar park
parking garageparkade

What do Americans call a sidewalk?

It is called a sidewalk in American English, but can also be called a pavement (mainly British English and South African English), a footpath (Australian English, Irish English, Indian English and New Zealand English) or footway (Engineering term).

Do British people say toilet?

Q: Why do British people say Toilet and Americans say bathroom? Many English rooms, called a toilet, consist of a toilet, but not a bath. To call it a bathroom would be odd. Many English bathrooms consist of a bath and washbasin, but do not have a toilet.

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