How do Nintendo switch game gift cards work? (2024)

How do Nintendo switch game gift cards work?

The funds will automatically be applied to your balance. Select “Redeem Code” on the left side of the screen. You can also reach this by selecting “Add Funds” in your Account Information, then “Nintendo eShop Card”. Enter the 16-character prepaid code, then confirm. ...

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How do Nintendo Switch game gift cards work?

Look for the Nintendo Switch CHOOSE ONE cards at your local shop and purchase one (or two, or three…). After you give the card to a lucky recipient (or keep it for yourself—we're not judging!), the card holder can redeem the code on Nintendo eShop for one of three great games listed on the front of the card.

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How does the Nintendo game voucher work?

Nintendo Switch Online members can buy a pair of Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers* and redeem each one for a digital game in the voucher catalog to score savings. Vouchers are redeemable for 12 months from the date of purchase and don't have to be used at the same time.

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Where is the 16 digit code on Nintendo Switch?

Locate the receipt you received when you made the purchase. The download code is a 16-digit code that is printed on the receipt you received from the retailer. If you provided an e-mail address to the retailer when you bought the code, check your e-mail.

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How do switch game download cards work?

Download codes from retailers are found on the receipt or card you were given. Some retailer cards include both a download code and a Control Number. Enter the Download Code (usually begins with a B, no hyphens in the number) and not the Control Number (usually begins with an S, has hyphens).

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How many digits is a Nintendo Switch gift card?

Enter the 16-character prepaid code, then select Send. Any letters and symbols not used with prepaid codes (i.e. O, I, Z, commas, hyphens, etc.) will be disabled from the on-screen keyboard.

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How do you spend a game gift card?

During checkout, you will be asked to enter 2 codes for each Gift Card you wish to use.
  1. Enter the 19-digit number gift card number on the back of the card.
  2. Enter the 4-digit PIN from your gift card (found under the scratch-off foil panel)
  3. Click Apply & continue the checkout process.

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Is Switch game voucher worth it?

Once purchased, you can redeem each voucher for a digital game currently available via the catalog. Considering almost every game on that list retails for $60, you could potentially save $20 by purchasing vouchers rather than buying two titles individually.

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How do you use Nintendo gift?

What to do
  1. Using a browser, visit
  2. Select Sign in and enter your Nintendo Account e-mail address and password, and then select Sign in again. ...
  3. Enter your 16-digit download code and then select, Next.
  4. Re-enter your Nintendo Account password when prompted, then select Redeem to complete the process.

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How do I activate my Nintendo game code?

What to Do:
  1. Select "Sign in" and enter your Nintendo Account email address and password, and then select "Sign In". ...
  2. Enter your 16-digit download code and then select "Next".
  3. Re-enter your Nintendo Account password when prompted, then select "Redeem" to complete the process.

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What is your switch code?

Your friend code can be found under "Profile" on your user page. If you don't see a friend code here, go to "User Settings" → "Friend Settings" from your user page to reissue your code.

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Does Nintendo have a physical gift card?

About this item

The Nintendo eShop $40.00 Physical Gift Cards (2 pack of $20.00 cards) is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play games - including you. Ensure you will always have funds on hand to use toward the purchase of new games and applications.

How do Nintendo switch game gift cards work? (2024)
Can I play Nintendo Switch without game card?

Yes, all physical games must be inserted before you can play them. The only way to play a game without a cartridge inserted is by purchasing the digital edition from the switch store.

Is it better to buy digital or physical switch games?

Much of it comes down to personal preference. If you like having shelves lined with your games that you can browse and reminisce, you'll want to go for physical. If you prefer the convenience and speed offered through digital purchases, and don't want game boxes lying around, then you'll want to go digital.

Why can't I redeem my Nintendo Switch code?

Make sure your Nintendo Account country settings match the region you used when the vouchers were purchased. Vouchers can only be redeemed in the same region where they were purchased.

What is the 16-digit code on a gift card?

Simply put, a gift code or a gift card code is the primary number on a gift card. For Visa® or Mastercard® gift cards, the code is typically a 16-digit number embossed in raised-lettering on the front of the card–just like you would see on a debit or credit card.

Where is the 16-digit code on a gift card?

To activate your plastic Visa or Mastercard gift card, you will need: The 16-digit card number printed on the front of your gift card. The 3-digit security code (CVV code) printed on the back of your card.

Where are the 16 digits on a gift card?

Gift Card Number: This 16-digit number is printed below the PIN and begins with "604". On some cards, this number is printed above a magnetic stripe and will contain exactly 16 digits. On other cards, this number may be as many as 30 digits and will be printed below a barcode.

How does paying with gift cards work?

Cards can be redeemed at store locations just like a credit card and balances can be debited from the card upon purchase. Cards are swiped through traditional credit card terminals and POS systems and payments are collected by the merchant at the time of sale.

How do gift card purchases work?

A gift card is a prepaid card that you use to pay for purchases. You can use gift cards at a single retailer or at a group of retailers, such as a chain or shopping mall. Generally, gift cards come with money already on them. Gift cards can be a physical card or an electronic card.

How do you cash in gift cards?

Go to the store with your gift card in hand.

Then, ask the retailer if they will give you cash for the card. In most cases, store policies won't allow the sales associates to give you money in exchange for the card, or if they do, it may be for a discount. But it's worth a try.

Are Nintendo Switch gift cards a thing?

It's designed for your Nintendo eShop purchases—no credit card required. The perfect gift for anyone who loves to play—including you. Choose from over 1,000 new, classic and indie games – delivered directly to your Nintendo Switch™ system. Digital Card balances may only be used on a single Nintendo eShop account.

How long do Nintendo game vouchers last?

When do Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers expire? Unused vouchers expire one year (365 days) after the date of purchase.

Why are Nintendo Switch games $60?

Why are Switch games still $60? Simple, the supply is vastly smaller than the demand, which in turn drives up the price in addition to creating additional demand. Does Nintendo of America make any games? They do make games but they are typically small games and they have done a lot in the mario vs donkey kong series.

Why won t my Nintendo eShop gift card work?

What to Do: Verify that you are entering the number from the Nintendo eShop Card correctly. If the error continues, this may indicate a delay in activating certain cards. Please wait 24 hours before trying again, and then check with the retailer where the card was purchased to ensure it has been activated correctly.

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